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Accountability Associates assists government or business organizations working to increase internal accountability or establish a system of independent oversight. Accountability Associates offers a range of consulting and investigative services to government or business entities seeking an independent investigation, audit of an investigation, or policy analysis.  Independent analysis can lend credibility to internal investigations and findings.

I am deeply troubled by the horrific extra-judicial police killings of black and brown community members, ongoing for far too long. It is my hope that the mass demonstrations world-wide responding to the murders of George Floyd and Brianna Taylor and many others, sadly too numerous to name, will bring long overdue, lasting changes to policing, police culture, racial injustice, and economic disparities in the US and around the world.

-Barbara Attard, Accountability Associates

Accountability Associates:

  • Provides information on models of oversight.
  • Specializes in policy analysis, transparency, oversight of investigations, and intervention systems.
  • Can assist government or business organizations seeking to establish or strengthen an oversight system.
  • Focuses on international consulting and training.
  • Provides expert witness testimony on oversight, police practices, police foot pursuits, officer safety.

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